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Take a moment to read through this glossary of chimney terms to learn more about your chimney and how Chimney King Enterprises Inc. can keep it in great condition for years to come.


The crown is the cement that is placed on top of the chimney to seal the brickwork. The crown protects the brickwork from water that can freeze and loosen the bricks and damage the flue tiles or allow animals into the interior of the chimney.

A quick glossary of important chimney terms

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Flue tiles

Flue tiles are the orange-colored pipes that stick out of the top of the chimney. They are made from fired terra cotta clay, are produced two feet long, and have different diameters for different sized chimneys. The flue tile should extend at least four inches above the crown. The flue tiles are placed one on top of another and are mortared in place. They act as an exhaust pipe carrying the smoke and product of combustion safely up and out of your chimney.


A rebuild is necessary when the chimney is in serious danger of collapse or the bricks have deteriorated beyond safety standards. The specifically damaged section of the chimney is rebuilt by re-mortaring the layers of bricks using new bricks if the old bricks are not up to acceptable standards.

Loose brick

It is a brick that is loose or has lost its bond to the mortar. The brick and joints are cleaned and fresh mortar is used to rebed the brick firmly in place.


Pointing is the filling of the joints between layers of brick with fresh cement. Defective or deteriorated joints are chiseled out and refilled to stop further deterioration and damage to the brickwork.


This prevents water from getting between the roof and the chimney. The water can seep down into the walls of your home or rot the wood sheathing around the chimney.


It is the process of sealing the brickwork with a breathable water barrier that prevents ware penetration into the bricks, while allowing interior ware vapors to escape. The waterproofing agent we use is warranted for 10 years with only a single application.

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